Team Assignments & Formation Battles

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02 Aug 2016

While we are currently working on an improved battle system - a bigger news update is planned for the coming weeks - we would like to give you a small update on team assignments and formation battles.

Formation Battles

In contrast to Rainbow Moon where all battle formations where randomly generated, there will be randomly generated as well as predefined formations in Rainbow Skies. Predefined formations will mostly be used for boss battles and other special encounters for an improved game balance.

Here is an example screenshot where the boss is located at the back, protected by his minions.

Rainbow Skies Formation Battle

Team Assignments

Deployment grids will make a return in Rainbow Skies. Party members can be assigned individually in an easier and more intuitive way. Here are two near final menu screenshots.

Please look out for a bigger news update in the coming weeks. As always, please share your comments below.