Impressions of Colours (Rainbow Skies Piano Music)

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02 Nov 2018

We are excited to release a new video with footage of four Colours piano tracks, performed by Kordian Więcek. Colours is a piano music album with music from Rainbow Skies, Rainbow Moon and other video game music composed by Rafael Dyll.

The video shows excerpts of:
  • YELLOW - Theme of Lunah (Rainbow Skies)
  • BLUE - The Sirene's Wish (Rainbow Skies)
  • RED - An Adventure Begins (Rainbow Skies)
  • GREEN - Promises (Rainbow Skies)

Colours will be available exclusive to backers of our Kickstarter campaign.

About Colours

Colours is a music album with piano compositions of various eastasiasoft published games – composed by Rafael Dyll and performed by Kordian Więcek. The music is based on Rafael's work for video game soundtracks and includes selected pieces from the recently released PlayStation exclusive RPG Rainbow Skies, all-time classic Rainbow Moon, the popular shoot'em up franchise Söldner-X, The Ghost Blade, Last Hope and Ninja Sprint.

Colours will contain 10 fine piano tracks. Three additional bonus tracks are planned if our stretch goal is met. For the full track list and to listen to an excerpt of two music tracks from the album, head over to our Kickstarter campaign now.

Colours Rewwards