20 Apr 2018

We've completed development and sent off the first builds to QA this week. Time to let you take a look at the game's trophies and talk about the in-game awards system.

14 Feb 2018

While we are getting really close to submitting Rainbow Skies to QA, we would like to introduce you to another important feature of the game. We hope that you will enjoy today's update and don't forget that you can pre-order a physical copy of Rainbow Skies for PS4 or PS Vita at Play-Asia.com!

27 Nov 2017

We are excited to show new footage of Rainbow Skies and kick off our Play-Asia pre-order campaign. Reserve your physical copy of Rainbow Skies now!

17 Sep 2017

Rainbow Skies will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week. Come and meet us at booth 9-A17 & 9-B19 in hall 9 (indies)!

01 Jul 2017

In addition to an updated version of the Wheel of Fortune lottery, we are including a new fishing mini-game in Rainbow Skies. Just like fighting enemies, fishing is 100% turn-based. Here's a brief introduction to the new mini-game. We hope you like it!

26 Apr 2017

Rainbow Skies is all about having options. Today we would like to introduce the Monster Breeding feature to you, which allows you to breed monsters, add them to your team and take them into battle.

21 Feb 2017

We have sent the good old Savant from Rainbow Moon into retirement and replaced him with a new system in Rainbow Skies. Today we tell you all about how character upgrades work in Rainbow Skies!

13 Jan 2017

Happy New Year everybody! Today we would like to give you a brief introduction to Rainbow Skies' crafting system. If you have played Rainbow Moon, you might already know a little bit about this. We have added a lot of new features and improvements to the system in Rainbow Skies. Please enjoy today's update. :-)

24 Oct 2016

Valuable treasures are buried all across Rainbow Skies and are waiting to be excavated. Treasure hunting is an optional but very fun part in the game. We are giving you a brief introduction...

27 Sep 2016

Here's another, slightly bigger, Rainbow Skies development update with a focus on the game's battle system. Our completion status is currently about 75% and we have recently started balancing the game.