Magic School System

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14 Feb 2018

While we are getting really close to submitting Rainbow Skies to QA, we would like to introduce you to another important feature of the game. We hope that you will enjoy today's update and don't forget that you can pre-order a physical copy of Rainbow Skies for PS4 or PS Vita at!

Similar to what you may know from job systems in other games, all characters and monsters in Rainbow Skies can learn a number of different Magic Schools. Each school defines what kind of active skills your characters can learn.

In Rainbow Skies, each class can learn up to 2-3 different Magic Schools. At least one school is always unlocked from the beginning, while others can be unlocked through story events or by completing Trial Battles in the Arena.

Magic Tree

Magic Schools

All Magic Schools are divided into the following categories:

I. Primary Magic Schools

Each class has exactly one primary Magic School, which defines the bias of the character. Some characters are specialized in melee attacks, while others are strong magicians or skilled in ranged attacks.

If you want your characters to learn new battle skills, you need to acquire Magic Books. Magic Books from all primary Magic Schools contain more skills than other Magic Schools. The three primary Magic Schools are:

  • Attack Magic: Focuses on melee attacks. Contains only a few skills with a higher range. However, many of the skills allow characters to move fields on the battle map while executing the skill, which can save an action during their turn. Skills that belong to this school require relatively few MP to execute.
  • Ranged Magic: Focuses on ranged attacks. The overall range of the skills is average, but this school contains the most skills that can inflict conditions on enemies. MP cost is medium.
  • Casting Magic: Especially skills that can be learned during later parts of the game have a large range and can almost always hit multiple targets at a time. MP cost is high.

Magic School Book Sample

II. Secondary Magic Schools

Secondary Magic Schools need to be unlocked and are not available from the beginning. Apart from a few exceptions, these Magic Schools contain supporting and other special functions.

  • Trick Magic: Next to skills that can be used during battles, this school also contains skills that are helpful and can be used outside of battles, such as casting light or increasing the walking speed during exploration.
  • Drain Magic: Skills from this Magic School focus on draining attributes (such as HP or MP) or stealing items from enemies. Items that can be stolen include Rainbow Coins, materials or food.
  • Healing Magic: The classic. Covers everything needed to heal your characters, including HP/MP, removing negative conditions, reviving characters, etc.
  • Time Magic: Skills from this Magic School allow you to manipulate time. Allied characters can be hastened, enemies slowed, the number of actions during a turn manipulated, enemies frozen, etc.
  • Support Magic: Contains skills that temporarily improve attributes, such as Strength, Defense and others. Also includes skills that lower MP cost for executing skills or retroactively changing allied characters into defend mode.
  • Protection Magic: Mostly contains skills that are suitable for ‘tanks’, which are characters that can protect others. Some of the skills include Magnet, Protection or generating magic walls.

III. Other Magic Schools

Additional magic schools that can be learned are:

  • Combo Magic: Skills from this magic school can be learned by any class. Combo attacks are the by far most powerful attacks in the game. To execute a combo attack, characters need to charge their combo pearls and correctly position themselves on the battle map. Combo attacks deal massive damage and are especially useful during boss encounters.
  • Unique Skills: Each class has the ability to learn one unique skill, which cannot be learned by any other class. After combo skills, unique skills are the second most powerful ones in the game. Since they are so powerful, their usage is restricted as its MP cost is increased after each execution during the same battle.

Rainbow Skies Unique Skill

Magic Books

New skills can be learned by acquiring Magic Books. Each book contains about 2-3 skills. After studying the book, the first skill will be available. The next skill in the book is automatically unlocked by leveling up the previous skill to a certain level. Skills can be leveled through continuous execution. In other words, new skills are automatically unlocked by frequently using your already unlocked ones.

While some Magic Books can be found, the majority has to be purchased in Magic Books Shop. Each book can only be used/studied once, but the price of the same book drops upon each purchase, which makes them more and more affordable over time. This will especially be useful when powering up your allied monsters.

Rainbow Skies Book Shop

Rank System

Magic Books can only by studied by characters that have reached a certain Magic School rank. Ranks are divided into:

  • Beginner
  • Expert
  • Master

With a few exceptions, most classes start at the beginner rank. Ranks can be improved through Trial Battles.

Upgrade Magic School

Trial Battles

In order to improve a Magic School rank or learn a new Magic School, characters need to enter and win Trial Battles. Trial Battles are located in the Arena, which will be unlocked during the main story.

Trial Battles can only be fought alone by the current team leader. This means a number of skills, such as combo attacks will be unavailable. There will also be no support from other team members.

If a character wins a Trial Battle, their rank will improve or a new Magic School unlocked. Upon defeat, the leader is automatically revived with a single HP and can try again. Saving before entering a Trial Battle is therefore highly recommended.

Rainbow Skies Trial Battle

Rainbow Skies Trial Battle

Monster Classes

Generally speaking, monster classes can learn all Magic Schools. However, only really strong monsters can learn up to three schools, while the rest can only learn two.

By breeding monsters, players can get early access to Magic Schools that the main characters can only learn much later in the game. Monsters are therefore ideal support characters during battles.

There are a lot of different combinations of Magic Schools for each class, so you can breed monsters that have the ability to learn your favorite Magic Schools according to your own liking.

Monster Classes

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below. If you are eagerly waiting for Rainbow Skies and would like to support us, please consider pre-ordering a physical copy at